Fabiano’s Homemade Candy & Ice Cream

22 11 2008
  • 119 S. Putnam St.
  • Williamston, MI 48895
  • (517) 655-3782
  • Website (dead link)
Fabianos Homemade Candy & Ice Cream in downtown Williamston

Fabiano's Homemade Candy & Ice Cream in downtown Williamston

After a day of shopping, we needed something sweet.  A stop at Meridian Mall was next on our schedule and the GPS always takes us through Williamston to Grand River when we go from the Tanger Outlets back to Okemos.  Somehow, I found Fabiano’s and homemade candy always sounds good.

We found Fabiano’s in downtown Williamston.  When we pulled up, we kind of got a mixed signal on whether the shop was even open.  There were two signs in the window.  One said “open.”  The other said “closed.”  On top of that, there was a building for sale sign in the window.  We could see lights on inside, but no people.  J told me to go check, so I got out and pulled on the door.  It opened so I went in. 

The inside of the shop is very sparse which leads me to believe that “building for sale” is in the window for a reason.  There was just one girl working by herself.  There’s a big case filled with truffles and chocolates.  The clerk asked what I wanted, but J hadn’t made her way in the store yet, so I asked for a few more minutes.  She went back to cleaning up behind the counter.  J came in and we decided on some chocolates.  I was hoping for fudge, but there was none there.  They’re a candy shop, not a chocolate shop. 

Once the clerk came back, we picked out some milk chocolate truffles, caramel truffles, champagne, truffles, and amaretto truffles.  J also got a couple more pieces of chocolate.  The ice cream case was on the side of the room, but the temperature hasn’t been above freezing for a week so ice cream didn’t sound good.  We got probably a half dozen or so pieces of chocolate and it only cost a little over three bucks.  To me, it sounded like a good deal. 

We dug into the truffles on our way back to Meridian Mall.  The chocolate was a little tough, but still really good.  I liked them and thought it was a really good value, but J prefers Great Lakes Chocolate and Coffee (review HERE).  I don’t think we’d make a special trip, but if we’re ever in Williamston again, Fabiano’s would be a great after dinner treat.




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