Jersey Giant Subs – South Lansing

20 11 2008
  • 6441 S. Cedar St.
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 272-2300
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Jersey Giant Subs on South Cedar in Lansing.

Jersey Giant Subs on South Cedar in Lansing.

The market is flooded with sub sandwich shops.  It seems like they all run together and I never know what’s a chain or what’s local.  We’ve passed over Jersey Giant Subs a number of times because we wer just tired of sub shops.  They’re all pretty much the same, right?

J wasn’t able to come home for dinner tonight and I had to go meet someone and pick up some gear for a job I have tomorrow in Grand Rapids.  Since I was out, I figured I’d just grab something for dinner instead of trying to scrounge something up for myself.  As I was driving back down Pennsylvania towards home, I thought of the non-descript sub shop we always pass up.

Jersey Giant Sub sits in a small strip mall on Cedar Street near the Meijer.  There are a lot of food options along this stretch of Cedar St.  The strip mall is mostly other take out places.  There are two Mexican places close by and a number of national chains.  Jersey Giant Sub kind of gets lost in the mix.

I had a hard time finding a parking spot.  There’s something in that strip mall that people love because every time we go there (there’s also a Bigby), the parking lot is packed.  I found a spot on the other side of the complex and walked back to the store. 

The inside is the typical sub shop.  There’s a long counter where you can watch your sub being made and there are a handful of booths along the wall.  There’s a giant menu board hanging behind the counter.  I looked it over really quick and just about everything sounded good.  I settled on a sandwich called The Beasty. 

The Beasty Sub from Jersey Giant Subs in Lansing

The Beasty Sub from Jersey Giant Subs in Lansing

Unlike the other sub shops, there are no options on size.  Jersey Giant Subs’ come in one size.  Giant. 15 inches to be exact.  My sandwich came with roast beef, turkey breast, ham, and cheese.  The girl working behind the counter cut the meat and cheese and I stood there watching her and placed it on the wheat bun.  Once all the meat was on, she asked me what I wanted on it.  There’s not as many options as the chain shops, but you get the standard lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a vinaigrette.  I just got the lettuce and the vinegar and oil.  She wrapped the sub up for me and rang it up.  The “giant” sub cost me a little over $8, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get two meals out of it.

I got home and unwrapped this beast that didn’t even fit in the bag they put it in.  The first thing I noticed was the bread.  It was nice and soft and was better than a typical mass produced wheat bread.  I was surprised at how much meat there was.  Since the sandwich was mostly meat, I was expecting it to be thin, but that wasn’t the case.  There was quite a bit of meat and the addition of the lettuce increased the mass.

The sandwich was cut into four sections and I ate two for dinner tonight and left two for lunch tomorrow.  Jersey Giant Subs surprised me.  It’s a local, family owned chain that is competing with some pretty large corporations and they do pretty well.  The sandwich was good.  It was filling, but a little pricey to be considered a cheap meal option.  I’m writing this review about two hours after my visit and I’m starting to crave the last half, but I’m trying to be good and save it for lunch.




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