Auggie’s Grille & Pub

9 11 2008
  • 820 W. Miller Rd. #3
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 272-0099
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Auggies Grille & Pub on Miller Road in Lansing.

Auggie's Grille & Pub on Miller Road in Lansing.

I hate writing bad reviews.  I always feel bad, but I’m not going to not write about a place just because it might make me feel bad.  I always look for the good in things because I know a bad review can be bad for business.  If someplace just pisses me off though, I sort of feel like they deserve it. 

Auggie’s Grille & Pub is located in a tiny strip mall on Miller Road.  There’s a party store right next to it and there are signs all over the place saying drinking in the parking lot is illegal.  That should have been a sign.  Auggie’s looked like a nice place, but I’m guessing that it’s not a good area of town.  On Thursday night, I drove by to scout the place out before meeting J at our regular Thursday hang out, Barley’s.  The parking lot was packed so I figured the place was legit. 

After working a football game at Spartan Stadium, I came home exhausted and hungry.  I grabbed J and decided to take her out.  I just wanted a burger, so I figured a pub would do the trick.  We pulled up to Auggie’s about six o’clock on a Saturday night.  You’d think that would be a big meal time, but like me, you’d be wrong.  There are a couple doors to enter Auggie’s,  The first one facing Miller Road says “Entrance” above it, but it’s looked and from the inside, it’s marked “Emergency Exit Only”  We went around to the back and found another entrance.  Things looked promising when we went in.  There was a dry erase board with specials listed. 

The space is divided into two sections.  There’s the bar area which was pretty nice and a gaming area which is really plain and bare.  We went into the bar and took a seat in a booth along the back wall.  We were the only ones sitting at a table which made us question if they were serving food, but there was a “snack” menu on the table so we waited for a waiter…and waited…and waited…and waited.  There was one guy working the bar who looked at us three times, but just lit a cigarette and went about his business.  I know they were serving food because I saw three people at the bar eating a sandwich.  We waited it out for about fifteen minutes and gave up.  I wasn’t going to go to the bar and ask because I had made eye contact with the bartender.  We got up and left.  It wasn’t worth it. 

Like I said, I hate to give a place a bad review, but I can’t review a place that wouldn’t serve us.  It’s hard to give a place that does that a second chance, so I won’t guarantee we will, but if we ever do, hopefully things won’t be as bad as they were this time.




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9 11 2008
Sammy’s Sports Bar & Grill « Mid-Michigan Dining

[…] not getting service at Auggie’s Grille and Pub (review HERE), we still needed a place to get a burger.  Sammy’s is a place I have drove by many times […]

10 11 2008

A great place for “pub” fare is the Dispatch on Lansing Rd. I am actually giving our secret away because we love to eat here. Great pizza, and specials and their bread sticks are amazing!

10 11 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I’ll add that to the list. Thanks!

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