Brower Food & Hardware

3 11 2008
  • 2102 Aurelius Rd.
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 694-0531
  • No Known Website
Brower Food & Hardware on Aurelius Rd. in Holt, MI

Brower Food & Hardware on Aurelius Rd. in Holt, MI

I have been stopping by Brower Food & Hardware for several months now after seeing a review for a deli located inside the little grocery store.  Each time I’ve tried to stop at Big T Deli & Grill, I’ve come up disappointed.  I dont’ know if they stopped doing the deli or what.

This time, I wasn’t looking so much for lunch as I was a small bottle of tequila.  Brower Food & Hardware sits on Aurelius Road near the Holt Plaza.  There’s a very small parking lot in front of the store.  Inside, there’s not a whole lot.  There are a few pantry items, pop, and of course, liquor.  I went to the pop cooler first to grab a Pepsi then headed over to the liquor.  I’m not a big fan of places that keep their hard liquor behind the counter because I always feel so rushed to make a decision and I can’t really see the prices.  That’s how Brower is set up.  The wine is out on shelves and the beer is in coolers.  I didn’t see what I was really looking for so I just paid for my Pepsi and got out.

There’s not much to Brower on the food side.  I had heard such good things about the deli and really wanted to try their burgers, but it’s never been open.  Next to the grocery section is the hardware section which I didn’t check out.  Brower is not the kind of place I would regularly visit.  There’s not much of a selection and there’s nothing I can’t get some place else.  The deli kept bringing me in, but I think I’m barking up the wrong tree with that idea.




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11 11 2008

The deli has never been open anytime i’ve been in there…too bad…their menu looked pretty good…next time i am in brower’s, i’m going to find out why the deli is never open…

11 12 2009
Dennis Lemon

Just bit into the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever eaten. It is huge, hot and very flavorful. Thank you Mike for your personal touch!

8 06 2011
Debbie Doss

6/8/2011 – My husband frequents Brower’s daily, and has for the past 3 years that we’ve lived in the area. He did so again this morning, just a few minutes ago. Somehow on this trip he managed to lock himself out of the car with it still running. Luckily he had our puppy with him outside the car, as the heat is approaching 90 degrees already. Upon discovering his predicament he went into the store and tried to get the clerk’s attention, “Excuse me hon.” I suppose some overreactionary people are offended by the term “hon”. Maybe that’s why she ignored him twice and wheeled around and said “My name is not Hon.” on his next try. He, of course, meant nothing by that term. He’s from the south, it’s just an attempt at politeness. I suppose he’ll never try that again.
She was hostile and very reluctant to let him use the phone, asking for a phone book was out of the question.
So my 60 year old husband, still recovering from triple heart bypass surgery, was forced to walk half a mile in 90 degree heat to get help to unlock his still-running car.
Customer service? Common decency? Not at Brower’s Hardware.

They have just lost at the least, 5 regular customers – my husband, myself, my 2 daughters and son-in-law, and anyone else within our sphere of influence.

Don’t go to Brower’s Hardware in Holt if your life depends on it.

6 06 2013
Mr. Evil

Wow Debbie…this reminds me of a movie I just watched called “Meeting Evil” starring Samuel L. Jackson. I suggest you and your husband watch it and you should get a good chuckle. There is a scene that directly coincides with what happened to your husband kind of.

4 11 2013
Holt Native

As far as the Deli is concerned please give them a second chance. Over the last year or so a guy moved in and is making mexican food there and makes a “super burrito”. It is a HUGE wet burrito and it is made with handmade flour tortillas and really well seasoned meat. Personally I get the 1/2 sized ones (a mini super I think?) and even those are fairly large for the price. Recently he came out with a BLT that is like a burger and I love it. I recommend a carry out because the seating is a little awkward but the food is impressive nonetheless.

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