Tim Hortons – Holt

15 10 2008
  • 2350 Cedar St.
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 694-0129
  • Website
  • Menu
Tim Hortons on Cedar Street in Holt

Tim Hortons on Cedar Street in Holt

I never really think of Tim Hortons as a place to get a quick after dinner snack, but Monday night I was watching my favorite CBS show, How I Met Your Mother, and one of the characters actually threw out a Tim Hortons reference.  The character, Robin, is from Canada which is where Tim Hortons was founded.  She said something to the effect of ‘at least I didn’t say let’s go to Tim Hortons.’  Six months ago, I wouldn’t have had the slightest idea what she was talking about becuase there were no Tim Hortons in Illinois.  We found them for the first time when we moved to Lansing.

Around the time we moved here, I reviewed the Tim Hortons on South Cedar (review HERE) in Lansing after we stopped for lunch.  The Tim Hortons in Holt is a new store even since that review.  It sits in front of L & L Food Center on Cedar Street near Aurelius Road.  It’s not a very big building.  It’s about the perfect size for a coffee shop.  This trip was just for an after dinner snack.  I was still hungry, but we didn’t have anything to snack on, so I suggested we go get a cookie or something. 

There were just a couple people in the store when we walked in and both were taking advantage of the free wi-fi.  We found the pastry case right away.  I was originally going to get just a cookie, but the cinnamon rolls looked too good to pass up.  I passed on the cookie and got a frosted cinnamon roll.  It was a pretty good size and covered with a white frosting.  The cinnamon roll itself was a little dry and didn’t have much of a cinnamon flavor to it.  The frosting was delicious and for some reason, it brought out a little bit more of a cinnamon flavor.  Either that or I just got to the center where all the cinnamon was.

J got the chocolate chip cookie I didn’t get.  She didn’t share.  Must have been good.  She also got a caramel iced cappuccino supreme.  I’m not a coffee drinker.  I really don’t like the flavor, but she convinced me to take a drink promising me it didn’t taste like coffee.  She lied.  It did, but it wasn’t that bad.  She loves them.  I thought it tasted like a tiramisu. 

Tim Hortons really isn’t my thing because I’m not a coffee drinker.  The pastry’s were alright and my past experience with the sandwiches was so-so.  Nothing really knocks my socks off, but it’s not bad either.  I’d go back if I get hungry.  There’s not a lot of options for sweets on this side of town and that’s something I can get from Tim Hortons.




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16 10 2008

I’m wondering how long Timmy’s will stay open? Every time I drive by any of them in the Lansing area, they look deserted…

16 10 2008

A. Love How I Met your Mother!

B. Agreed that TimmyHo’s sandwiches are only okay (but real cheap).

C. Best thing about them first coming to Lansing last year was the absurd commercials using obviously Canadian actors with their “Hockey Night” accents talking as if they were from the Capitol Area.

D. @Corky: My stock in Tim Hortons is the ONLY thing in my portfolio still solidly in the green after the last few weeks. Think only good thoughts!

10 06 2010

Go check out the site http://www.thetdlgroupltd.com and see what this company is all about. I don’t think you want a business in your country that operates this way. I will never spend another dime at Tim Hortons. There are a group of current and former franchisees who are taking their story and making it public. They have another site at http://www.timhortonslies.wordpress.com

22 02 2012
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