Luconi’s Pizza – Bradley, IL

3 10 2008
  • 496 S. Kennedy Dr
  • Bradley, IL 60915
  • (815) 935-5235
  • Website
  • Menu
Luconis Pizza on Kennedy Dr. in Bradley, IL

Luconi's Pizza on Kennedy Dr. in Bradley, IL

Finding places to eat in the Kankakee area has always been tough for me.  Growing up, my parents always hit the chains.  We didn’t really go out of our way looking for local restaurants.  I’m back in the Kankakee area this week because my brother and his wife are having a baby.  Their first and my parents first grandchild.  Because it was everyone’s first, my parents and my sister-in-laws parents were at the hospital bright and early this morning.  I didn’t get up and get going until lunch time.  The hospital is a half hour away so once I was in Kankakee, I wasn’t going home until I had a niece. 

I got to the hospital around 11 and started trying to convince everyone to go to lunch with me.   I got no takers, but did get some good suggestions.  My sister-in-law’s parents suggested a few places including Luconi’s.  They raved about the pizza, but also couldn’t stop talking about the hamburger.  Sounds good to me.  I do love me some burgers.

I found Luconi’s Pizza on Kennedy drive next to the Taco John’s we always went to when I was kid.  The last time I lived in the area, the building where the pizza joint now is was a cyber cafe.  It’s a really small building with a really small parking lot.  I found a space along the side and parked there. 

When I got inside, I didn’t really know what to do.  There are a handful of tables, but there’s also a counter to order.  I didn’t know if it was a place where you order first then sit down or not.  I kind of looked at the menu and eventually noticed menus on the table.  That was my cue to take a seat and wait for a waitress.

I stopped at Luconi’s with my sights set on the burger.  I was almost swayed in a different direction when I saw an all-you-can eat pizza buffet for $4.99, but I didn’t want that much pizza.  I stuck to my original idea and got the 1/2 lb bacon cheeseburger.  I made it a combo and added fries and a Pepsi.

The side of Luconis Pizza in Bradley, IL

The side of Luconi's Pizza in Bradley, IL

My sister-in-law’s mom told me there would probably be a wait for my sandwich due to the size.  It did take about fifteen minutes.  When the waitress set the burger down in front of me, my mouth was watering.  The sandwich was huge and it was piled with bacon.  There wasn’t just a few strips.  Oh, no.  There was a mound of bacon.  The patty was a good size, but it was a frozen burger so there wasn’t a ton of flavor.  The sandwich overall was very good.  The fries were crinkle cuts out of the bag. 

My appetite must be getting smaller because this burger almost conquered me.  I was struggling with the last few bites, but I made it.  My bill was just over six bucks before tip.  I don’t know what my parents were worried about.  I ate lunch and made it back to the hospital in just over a half hour….and we still waited another seven and a half hours to meet my little niece for the first time. 

Luconi’s is getting a lot of buzz around town.  My brother, who only eats at chains because “you always know what you’re going to get,” even raved about the pizza there.  Luconi’s was a pleasant surprise to me.  I’m hoping to get an opportunity to search the Kankakee area a little more and find some of these places.  Luconi’s was a great start.




5 responses

25 03 2011

great food just becareful so they dont overcharge

14 06 2011

food has gone downhill in the past few years, service is bad, management is terrible, NO THANK YOU!

21 06 2011

I just ate there today (6/21/11) and the food was fantastic! I had the pizza buffet and it is definitely some of the best pizza I’ve had! The service was great..Really nice waitress as well. The management seemed good to me. I WILL DEFINITELY GO BACK!

30 06 2011

hum….sounds like the owner wrote this one. . .

21 06 2011

Wow ! Got an Italian Beef with Cheese and A Baked Mostacciolli. It Was Great, Found a New Place in Town to Eat. Everyone was real Nice. Very Good Experience

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