More E-Coli in Michigan

29 09 2008

From the Michigan Department of Community Health.

The Michigan Department of Community Health has confirmed 30 cases of E.
coli O157:H7 that match by PFGE (DNA fingerprinting).

Ingham County (MSU students): 9 cases
Lenawee County (jail): 5 cases
Washtenaw County (U of M students): 3 cases
St. Clair County: 1 case
Wayne County: 4 cases
Macomb County: 5 cases
Oakland County: 1 case
Kent County: 2 cases

Ages range from 11-81 years.
Symptom onset dates: 9/8-9/19
Hospitalizations: 13 known (MSU= 4, Lenawee =1, St. Clair = 1
Wayne = 1, Macomb=4, Washtenaw=1, Kent=1)




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