Allen Street Farmer’s Market

24 09 2008
  • 1619 E. Kalamazoo St.
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 367-2468
  • Website
The Allen Street Farmers Market on the corner of E. Kalamazoo and Allen Sts.

The Allen Street Farmer's Market on the corner of E. Kalamazoo and Allen Sts.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market (review HERE) and raved about the selection of peppers and fresh herbs.  Jackiecat was quick to point out that a lot of those same ingredients were available at Markets here in town.  She suggested both the Allen Street Farmer’s Market and the Meridian Farmer’s Market. 

I had heard about the Allen Street Farmer’s Market, but haven’t been there yet this summer.  J goes to work at 3:00 and the Market opens at 2:30 so there was really no time for us to go together.  I suppose I could always go by myself, but she eats most of the produce and I’m not very good at picking out what’s good and what’s not.

Since it was recommended I check out, I set down the Wii remote and turned Mario Kart off for a while, jumped in my truck and went shopping.  I found the Allen Street Market on the corner of East Kalamazoo and Allen Streets.  The Farmer’s Market is in a parking lot on the corner.  I saw signs for parking and followed the around the corner to find another parking lot.  It was a pretty tight fit, but I parked then walked over to the tents to see what I could find.

There was a little more than a dozen vendors selling everything from soap to meat to fresh produce.  I never did find the same selection of fresh herbs, but I did find a lot of stuff I wanted to buy.  I stopped at one booth and picked up a bunch of potatoes.  I ran into a little problem when I went to pay though.  I forgot to stop at the ATM and get cash and I didn’t have enough on me to even buy one basket of spuds.  Damnit!  I had plans to buy some eggs, some potatoes and some more berries for J. 

Since I didn’t know where the closest ATM was, I just decided to call it a night.  Maybe I’ll run down to Holt tomorrow and try the Market there.  The thing I really liked about the Allen Street Farmer’s Market is that it’s really a neighborhood market.  There were quite a few people walking around at 4:00 looking for fresh, local food.  I would love to see more Farmer’s like this during the week.  The big ones on Saturday morning are nice, but these little ones add a lot to an older neighborhood.




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25 09 2008

Not sure if you have seen the signs in your travels, but MSU Horticulture is having their annual apple sale 8am-5pm Friday 9/26 at their compound on College Road between Dell and Jolly Roads…There have been signs around advertising…If you like apples, in the past they have had good selections…

5 10 2008

if i remember right, they have an atm-like system on the market. you can’t withdraw money, but i think you can use your atm or credit card to buy vouchers or tokens that the individual vendors then take as payment. it’s a great little place, and we have a few more weeks:

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