Another Illinois Weekend

21 08 2008

I apologize in advance for the lack of Mid-Michigan updates that will happen this weekend.  We’re heading back to my hometown in Illinois for the annual Homecoming celebration.  Along the way, we’ve got plans for a couple stops in Chicago, Kankakee, and we’ll see what else comes up.  Maybe on Sunday we’ll stop along the way for dinner.  I’ve been pushing for Redamak’s in New Buffalo for the past couple months, so we’ll see if that happens this time.  

I hope I’m not boring you too much with our travels.  I know it seems like we’ve been going to Illinois a lot this summer and we have.  That should slow down now that summer’s over.  I have to go to Champaign once for football and I’m going to Indianapolis next week…also for football, but other than that, we won’t be heading south again until the middle of October. 

I try to keep this blog kind of journal.  I think it’s important to tell stories and not just tell you what I think.  I like for you to see who we are even though I’m aware I’ve never used names or elaborated on what exactly we do or where we work.  I’ve provided just enough clues to hopefully keep you strung along.  I’ve always felt a good blog is one that updates everyday and tells a story, but those stories have to be interesting even if you don’t know the people involved so that’s why I also blog on trips like I do at home. 

If this bores you, come back Monday for regular updates.  If for some reason you’re intrigued, there will be some more travel updates probably starting tomorrow. 

For whatever reason you read and however you found this blog, thank you.  I appreciate those of you that keep coming back and giving us suggestions and you’re opinions on dining in Mid-Michigan.  That’s the reason I started this blog.  It’s not about me being vain.  It’s about an open dialogue of food and restaurants specifically targeting the Lansing area.




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