E. Coli Alert For Michigan

24 06 2008

They’ve traced the strain of E. Coli at least partially meat bought at Kroger

The state agency has confirmed 15 E. coli cases of the same genetic strain in Michigan; 10 of those patients are hospitalized.

More than half of the Michigan patients report purchasing and consuming ground beef from Kroger Food Stores. Additional retailers and outlets may be identified.

The 15 genetically linked cases of E. coli are present in seven Michigan counties including Eaton (1), Macomb (2), Washtenaw (4), Saginaw (1), Genesee (1), Wayne (3) and Oakland (3). Reported E. coli patients became ill between May 31 and June 8.

Wow.  Just a week ago I was telling you how I buy most of my meat at Kroger.  Oh well. 




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