Modern Day Milkman

9 06 2008

Here’s a great story out of St. Augustine, Florida.

Here’s how the program works: consumers place a pre-order for their milk with (local entrepreneur George) Kristoff.  A family would order a specific number of gallons per week. They choose a payment program that is in place for a period of time and the price of milk would be guaranteed for that specific time frame.

For instance, an 8-week program is $28. A family would receive one gallon of milk per week for that price. Program plans range from 8 to 20 weeks.

Kristoff places the bulk orders with a dairy, where the price will be cheaper than retail.  Then the orders are delivered to different distribution sites in St. Augustine, where customers would pick up their order.

“It’s similar to a cooperative buying organization. We get a group of people together, all with the same common goal and then I’ll negotiate a price on a product for them.  And boom — we make it available to them,” said Kristoff.

A tough economy makes for some great ideas.  Why is it we need to hit hard times before people start worrying about spending money?  This is a great idea and a throwback to the old days before mass production of the milk we buy in supermarkets.




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