1913 Room a Five Diamond Dining Establishment

16 04 2008

A friend of mine sent me a link to this article on WILX’s website today….

A swanky Grand Rapids restaurant is one of only 46 dining establishments in the nation to receive the AAA’s five-diamond rating this year.
For the sixth consecutive year, the automobile club has awarded its highest rating to the 1913 Room, which is inside the downtown Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.
The restaurant is the only five-diamond winner in Michigan.

So, what exactly does that mean? According to AAA, 60,000 lodging establishments are restaurants are reviewed annually and rated on a scale of one to five diamonds. 

One Diamond properties meet AAA’s basic standards for comfort, cleanliness, and hospitality, while five diamond properties are the premier establishments that provide the ultimate in quality and service.

So what I wanted to know is what exactly makes a Five Diamond restaurant.  Having not been to the 1913 Room yet, I don’t have any idea what the restaurant looks like or even what they serve, but  this news has peaked my interest.  There’s a whole list of criteria broken down by rating on AAA’s website.  You can access that by following this link.  For the most part, a five star diamond rating is only acheivable with elegance.  The use of exoctic ingredients and presentation of food comibined with from-scratch cooking make up some of the criteria from the food prep list.  Things like addressing patrons approriately when calling for reservations and calling to confirm those reservations are required by AAA to earn the distinction that the 1913 Room has. 

Congrats the 1913 for it’s sixth straight Five Diamond Rating.  I am now looking forward to a weekend trip to Grand Rapids to check it out and see what exactly makes a Five Diamond restaurant




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