Cottage Inn Pizza

11 04 2008
  • 1995 Cedar Street
  • Holt, MI 48842-1831
  • Phone: (517) 699-1000
  • Website
  • Menu

We had a coupon for Cottage Inn and decided one Sunday night to give a shot. The coupon was for a large family meal deal. I couldn’t find that on the menus I had or online so we didn’t really know what we were getting when we ordered. The person on the other end of the phone asked what I wanted on two pizzas, so I knew at least that much, but when the delivery guy arrived, we knew we’d be eating pizza for a few days.

The deal came with two large pizzas. We got one pepperoni and one cheese. It also came with salad and cheese sticks.

Since the pizza would be good for lunch the next day, we dove into the sides. The salad was really only enough for two of us. It was the standard mixed greens with croutons and a few vegetables. It came with two packages of Italian dressing. The cheese sticks were good. Thick pieces of bread covered in cheese sauce with a marinara on the side. They weren’t rock hard like breadsticks but still had a great flavor with the cheese baked into it.

Once we finally dived into the pizzas, we found a great flavor in the sauce. A little bit tangy that went well with the mozzerella layered on top. I had a little problem with the cheese as it kept wanting to come off with one bite.

The size of the meal deal was a lot for just two people. We ate pizza for lunch for three days…and trust me, I’m not complaining about that. With the coupon we had, the meal was free, but t looks like it normally runs about $30.

I see Cottage Inns all over the place and it seems like they cater a lot of public functions, so I assume they are they pizza place in Mid-Michigan. It was good, but still too much like the other chains. We will most definately order again, but we continue looking for unique pizza in Lansing.




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11 05 2008
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