Taco Bell – Grand River, Okemos

5 12 2009
  • 2030 W. Grand River Avenue
  • Okemos, MI 48864
  • (517) 349-6451
  • Website
  • Menu

Time to kill and no place to go.  It can be a dangerous thing.  I had to check out of my hotel at noon, but I didn’t have to be to work until noon.  I decided to hit up the Meridian Mall in Okemos.  I thought maybe I could kill some time, but I was wrong.  Mall’s don’t do anything for me. 

After I left the mall, I headed to Best Buy.  Since it was the middle of the afternoon, I thought maybe I could actually play their display DJ Hero.  I hung out with a pretty popular Chicago club DJ while I was in college and he taught me a little bit about mixing.  I don’t want to buy DJ Hero, but I wanted to see how the game worked. 

 It wasn’t all that fun, so I only played a couple songs then checked out some other Wii games.  Scoped out some titles for myself and for my in-laws for Christmas. 

 After I left Best Buy, I still had over an hour.  I was a little hungry and not in the mood to go hunt something out.  In the Best Buy parking lot was a Taco Bell and a Burger King.  I picked the less of two evils.

 Okemos has two Taco Bell locations.  I was closest to the location on Grand River Avenue just in front of Best Buy near the Meridian Mall.  Nothing unusual about this location.  Typical cookie cutter building.  Typical cookie cutter menu. 

I was in around lunch time so there was a little bit of a back up, but the cashier working the lobby was really efficient, perky, and friendly.  A nice change from the usual fast food worker.  She got through five orders pretty quickly then we just had to wait as our tacos were being made. 

I just ordered five crispy tacos.  No drink.  No sides.  I had a Pepsi in the car that I had just picked up at a Speedway.  The tacos cost a little over five bucks and once the orders started coming out, they came out pretty quick, so the wait was only a little over five minutes. 

I didn’t really feel like sitting by myself and eating so I grabbed my tacos to go and headed to my job site and ate in my car.  Eating tacos while driving is possible, but challenging.  It was hard to wait, but I did. 

Taco Bell held me over until lunch.  It was quick.  It was convenient and most importantly, it was cheap.  That’s what I like about Taco Bell.  




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