Arby’s – Frandor

23 11 2009
  • 622 N. Homer Street
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 351-6340
  • Website
  • Menu

Call me lazy.  I’m not completely proud of the fact that I’ve now eaten two fast food meals in a row, but once again, I’m trying to make as much money as possible, so going cheap on the lunch is a necessary evil.  I would much rather eat like this alone and be able to spend a little more when I go out with J.

Work day number two in Lansing started around 1:30.  I didn’t eat before going to work because I knew our lunch break was going to be pretty soon after we got to the job site.  Once we were released around 2:45, I headed to Frandor because I wanted to look at Staples for something.  After that was complete, it was on to lunch.  Sure, I had a bunch of options in Frandor, but since I was going to eat fast food anyway, I decided to go to a place I really like.

The Arby’s near the Frandor Shopping Center is located on Homer Street.  Because Homer is a one way street, there is also a back entrance from Clippert Street which is where I was coming from.  The building sits pretty close to Homer.  There is a huge parking lot in back and a few slots on the sides.  I took one of the side spots

Eating alone at Arby’s must have been the thing to do.  There were a number of solo diners in the restaurant when I got there.  Like almost every other fast food chain, I have a predictable order.  I get the sandwich they used to call “The Big Montana.”  Now, it’s just a large roast beef.  I got the combo and made it a large.  That’s not something I usually do, but I didn’t know if or when I would get to eat again, so I needed to load up. 

Arby’s isn’t one of the cheaper chains, but I still got my meal for under eight bucks. 

I sat down and dug in to the roast beef first.  The sandwich is pretty big and hard to get a handle on, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I must look like a caveman trying to eat it, but I was dining alone, so etiquette was not really on my mind. 

The fry situation at Arby’s always confuses me.  I really prefer their homestyle fries which most locations have stopped serving.  Still, there are some that do.  This is Arby’s not one of those.  I wasn’t given an option of anything but curly fries.  I don’t mind the curly fries, but I like the homestyle a lot better.  Never could figure out why they got rid of those.

When it comes to chain fast food, Arby’s is right at the top of my list.  J always laughs when we go out to eat with my family because Arby’s is usually their first choice.  When we go out with her family, there’s always a big discussion about which local eatery we should hit up.  Not so in my family.  It’s where’s the closest Arby’s. 




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