Kelly/Shorts Stadium

12 10 2009
  • W. Campus Drive & University Park Drive
  • Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
  • (517) 774-3277
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Kelly/Shorts Stadium on the campus of Central Michigan University

Kelly/Shorts Stadium on the campus of Central Michigan University

Fall sports have been good to me so far this year.  I’ve been busy pretty much every weekend.  My recent trip was up to Mt. Pleasant for a CMU Chippewas football game.  It was my first time at CMU and only the third time I had even been to Mt. Pleasant, so I was excited to see more of the town and of course, the CMU football stadium. 

Kelly/Shorts Stadium is the home of the Central Michigan University football team.  It sits just off BR 127 at University Park Drive and W. Campus Drive on the southeast corner of the CMU campus.  The stadium opened in 1972 with a loss to win over Illinois State.  At that time, the stadium was simply called Perry Shorts Stadium.  In 1983, the name was changed to Kelly/Shorts Stadium to honor former football coach Bill Kelly. 

The thing that surprised me initially was the size.  I know CMU is a FBS school, but I sometimes forget that the MAC is actually on the same level as the Big Ten….at least when it comes to NCAA status.  The main grandstand behind CMU’s bench is huge.  When you enter the seating level from the main concourse, you have to go down to your seats.  At some points in the stadium, you have to walk up stairs to get to the concourse area.  In other parts there are gradual ramps.

The main grandstand and press box/suites at Kelly/Shorts Stadium

The main grandstand and press box/suites at Kelly/Shorts Stadium

Above the main grandstands is a two story press box/suite area that spans the whole 100 yards.  Outside of the suites are small seating areas for those with tickets to that level.

The end zone seating is the student section which was full.  It was cold yet there were a lot of shirtless, painted guys.  The far side seating is not quite as big as the home side.  The CMU band sits on this side behind the visiting teams bench.  In the other end zone is the locker rooms and main scoreboard.  There are scoreboards in either end zone, but the one above the locker rooms is the one with the video board. 

The concourse area is where all the concession stands are.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d assume you were in a major stadium.  The concourse area is really nice and littered with food options including a Buffalo Wild Wings booth.  They serve Pepsi products which is always a plus with me. 

Tailgating at Kelly/Shorts Stadium

Tailgating at Kelly/Shorts Stadium

Tailgating takes place in a lot right behind the student section endzone.  One of the major pluses to Kelly/Shorts was the abundance of parking.  The tailgate lot was one of a couple  paved lots, but there were also unpaved lots scattered around the grounds.  There was no shortage of parking and no walking long distances to get to your car after the game. 

The unfortunate thing about my trip to CMU is that the game was awful.  CMU beat Eastern Michigan 56-8.  It was great to see Dan LeFevour play.  I have a feeling this kid is going to be one of the NFL’s greatest QB’s.  I saw Tony Romo play at Eastern Illinois University and even then, those in the know were talking about him.  LeFevour is a much better QB

Kelly/Shorts Stadium is a great college football stadium.  It only holds a little over 30,000 people, but you wouldn’t think that if you saw it.  Can’t wait to see CMU take on MSU there in 2012

Panoramic view of Kelly/Shorts Stadium at Central Michigan

Panoramic view of Kelly/Shorts Stadium at Central Michigan




2 responses

13 11 2009
Terry Fouchey

Good article and an excellent stadium. Easy to get in and easy to get out. Lots of room to walk around – you are not locked in to your seat like you are at Michigan.

One correction…The Chips beat Illinois State in the stadium opener

13 11 2009
SW Michigan Dining

See what happens when you use Wikipedia and don’t fact check. Thanks for the correction.

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