Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum – Corbin, KY

1 10 2009
  • 688 US Highway 25W
  • Corbin, KY 40701
  • (606) 528-2163
  • Website
  • Menu
Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum

Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum

Two chains in a row. I know what you’re thinking. And to make things worse…a KFC? Again, I know, BUT this isn’t just any KFC. It’s the original KFC. 

The Sanders Cafe & Museum is on US 25 West on the outskirts of Corbin, KY. It’s not in a highly developed area. It sits along a two lane road right next to a gas station. Ever since my first trip to the region in 2006, I’ve wanted to stop, but usually my travel companions aren’t as excited about it as I am. 

This time, I had J and I knew she would enjoy, so we pulled off the Interstate and followed the signs to chicken. 

From the outside, this place looks nothing like a KFC. If it wasn’t for the modern signs, it would be hard to even tell. Instead, it looks like the original cafe. The hotel and service station are long gone, but there is a lot left of the building that gave us Kentucky’s greatest gift. 

Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum

Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum

The unassuming white building sits very close to the road. There is a parking on the side and there’s even a drive thru. My guess is the locals sort of stay away and leave it for the tourist. You could have played the license plate game in the parking lot. 

When you enter the store, the modern KFC is to the left. There’s an order counter with a modern kitchen just like you’d see in any other KFC. To the right is the original cafe dining room as well as a number of artifacts from that store. There’s a cash register near the old entrance and the original kitchen is on display, but sectioned off. You can see the stove Col. Sanders used to make his chicken. 

The Colonels kitchen.

The Colonel's kitchen.

Back in the modern KFC part of the building are more artifacts and a life size statue of the Colonel sitting on a bench that we both took our pictures with. 

For lunch, I ordered the six piece chicken strip meal with potato wedges. I got a lot more food than I bargained for and it took me a long time to actually eat everything on plate. The food was pretty good, but the atmosphere made it even better. It would have been nice if the place was still a cafe, but just knowing we were in a historic building made the chicken a little bit crispy and the fries a little bit tastier. 

The original dining room, but with newer chairs.

The original dining room, but with newer chairs.

J ordered two chicken crisper sandwiches which she wasn’t wild about. I offered her some of my chicken, but she soldiered up and ate her meal. 

After lunch, we looked at the displays and snapped a few more pictures. Our bill was just over $13, but that’s not the important thing. We got to eat in Colonel Harland Sander’s Cafe.  I would think KFC would do a little more for their history.  I was somewhat disappointed.  There’s no gift shop and the displays are kind of weak.  It’s still cool, but I was hoping for a little more. 




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1 10 2009
Middle Man

While the secret recipe may still be in tact it is clear that it is not just the asthetic quality of the original Colonel Sanders that has failed to survice – read this and you will understand what I mean:


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