Screams Ice Cream From Hell

30 08 2009
  • 4045 Patterson Lake Road
  • Pinckney, MI 48169
  • (734) 878-2233
  • Website (not working)
  • No Online Menu
Screams Ice Cream From Hell on Patterson Lake Road in Hell, Michigan.

Screams Ice Cream From Hell on Patterson Lake Road in Hell, Michigan.

Our trip to Hell had to include some sort of souvenir….and if we could get some ice cream while we were at it, why not?  The original plan when we left Lansing was to stop at the Hell Country Store because I knew they had some sort of collectible that we could add to our shelf as a memento of our visit to Hell, but when we got there, we found the store closed.  As we were eating lunch, we overheard a waitress telling another couple that the ice cream store had souvenirs.

Screams Ice Cream From Hell is one of three businesses along Patterson Lake Road in an unicorporated part of Livingston County known as Hell.  The building has multiple uses.  It’s an ice cream shop.  It’s a souvenir stand and it’s a putt-putt golf course. 

There are signs on the side of the building that work pretty well for picture taking.  The big “Welcome to Hell” sign on the side was a pretty popular stop for the bikers who were in the area.  Of course, J and I did the same.  There’s also some of those wooden pictures with a hole cut out for the head where you can stick yours through.  All of them say “I’m a L’il Devil From Hell.”  Yup, we did that too.  The putt-putt course is behind the building.  It’s nothing super special, but something else to do if you just don’t want to leave. 

The entrance to the building is on the front facing Patterson Lake Road.  There’s a big person entrance, but there’s also a kiddie-door built especially for the kids.  I didn’t see it at first and just about tripped over a little girl who was entering the store through that little door. 

Screams Ice Cream From Hell in Hell, MI

Screams Ice Cream From Hell in Hell, MI

Even though Screams advertises as an ice cream shop, most of the space is taken up by collectible t-shirts, signs, and glasses.  J and I have sort of started a shot glass collection so that’s what we went looking for.  They had a few different styles, but we ended up with a solid orange glass that had the words “Hell, Michigan” printed in black.  The glass cost me less than five bucks and now sits on our entertainment center.

After we decided on that, J wanted to grab some ice cream.  Screams serves Hershey’s Ice Cream from a little counter in the middle of the store.  Since we just had a big lunch, J went with one scoop of the Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream.  The one scoop was huge.  It was a lot more than she wanted, so I got a few bites, but I wasn’t very hungry either.  The scoop of ice cream cost her around three bucks.  It was good, but there are many places you can get Hershey’s Ice Cream. 

Still, if you’re going through Hell, it’s nice to have something cold.




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