Cottage Inn Pizza – Washington Square

10 08 2009
  • 303 S. Washington Square
  • Lansing, MI 48933
  • (517) 267-9000
  • Website
  • Menu
Cottage Inn Pizza on Washington Square in downtown Lansing.

Cottage Inn Pizza on Washington Square in downtown Lansing.

Long baseball games make me hungry.  I was at the Saturday night beating the Lugnuts took at the hands of the Dayton Dragons and by the time the game finally ended, I was craving pizza.  J was at home and hadn’t eat yet either.  She texted me to see what I was going to do and I told her to call for pizza.

Cottage Inn has several locations in Lansing and the surrounding area.  We usually order from the one in Holt because it’s closest to our place, but it was my turn to buy dinner.  Had J ordered from Holt, she would have had to buy, so I told her to call the downtown location and I’d just pick it up on my way home.

The Washington Square location sits near the corner of Washington Square and Washtenaw Street.  It’s a small building, but they actually have a little bit of seating in the front of the store.  They serve pizza by the slice and actually had some in the rotating glass case at 10:30 at night.  I’ve always wondered about that when I drive by after baseball games.  I guess it was Saturday night and they probably do a decent business from the bars with the slices. 

J ordered the pizza at 10:25.  When I got there at 10:45, the pizza wasn’t ready.  We had ordered a large thin crust that was half cheese and half all meat.  We also got an order of Cinnamon Stix. The Cinnamon Stix were on the rack ready to go, but the clerk told me they hadn’t put the pizza in yet, so I had to sit there for the ten minutes or so while the pizza cooked.  It was made, it just hadn’t been put in. 

After the pizza was done, I paid the fourteen bucks and headed home.  We’ve really come to like Cottage Inn’s thin crust.  J found it by mistake one time when ordering.  We had always gotten the regular crust and weren’t super impressed, but we had coupons, so we kept going back.  One time, the order taker actually asked which crust she wanted and we found out they had a delicious thin crust and we’ve been ordering that pizza ever since. 

The Cinnamon Stix are always the star of the meal.  We polished them off knowing they wouldn’t be good cold.  When my parents were in town back in the spring, we ordered this same meal and my mom when right for the dessert pizza.  She didn’t care about the pizza at all after she got a taste of the Cinnamon Stix. 

The All Meat Pizza quickly became my favorite after J ordered it one night.  I’m not really a fan of doing half toppings on pizzas because they always charge you full price.  This is one time I make the exception.  I don’t mind cheese pizza, but the All Meat Pizza is delicious. 

Cottage Inn has become our go-to place when we’re not in the mood to be adventerous.  We get a good thin crust pizza that’s close to home and we’ve never been disappointed with it.




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