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6 07 2009
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Subway on West Saginaw Highway and Creyts Road in Delta Township

Subway on West Saginaw Highway and Creyts Road in Delta Township

Last summer, our Horrocks/Walmart trip was a weekly event.  So far this year, we’ve been pretty bad about getting out to Delta Township.  Over the winter, we’ve preferred the produce at Meijer, but with local stuff starting to come in season, we wanted to make the effort to get out to Horrocks. 

After I got home from the Lugnuts game on Sunday, I asked J if she wanted to make the run.  We needed some groceries anyway, so why not.  I hadn’t eaten all day and was starving, but neither of us really wanted to do to the sit down restaurant thing.  We hoped in the car and just started driving.  I knew there was enough out that way that we could find something.  On the trip though, I came up with Subway.  It’s always a fairly cheap, good meal….and most of the time, it’s pretty quick.

We chose the Subway on the corner of Saginaw Highway and Creyts Road in Delta Township mostly because it was the first one we came across after getting off the highway.  The store sits in a little strip mall that I guess you coule say is “anchored” by a Baryames Cleaners.

Subway was the only thing open on that Sunday afternoon and there were more cars than we would have liked to have seen in the parking lot.  Still, we were hungry and followed a family of three in the store.  There was already a couple in front of them, so there were a total of five people before.  Shouldn’t take more than five minutes, right?

Subway on West Saginaw Highway in Delta Township

Subway on West Saginaw Highway in Delta Township

Wrong.  It took over fifteen minutes.  There was only one guy working behind the counter and he wasn’t in too big of a hurry.  He would do one sandwich at a time, walk back to the start and start another sandwich.  There was not multi-tasking.  Even worse, there was another woman who was obviously employed by Subway sitting at one of the tables studying. 

Now, I know everyone gets breaks…and if you have to clock out for your lunch break then you can’t get up and help.  J and I have both worked in the service industry before so we know that when things get busy, you may have to break your lunch up.  The customer impression is worth more than anything when it comes to repeat business.  I also know that when you work in an industry like that, if you are off the clock, you don’t hang out in your work uniform.  The entire time we were in line, I was thinking that she really should get up and help.  Her shift may have been over for all I know, but seeing her sitting there in her uniform automatically makes me think that she should be helping this situation.  I’ve worked in places that strictly prohibit you from sitting down in a public area in your work attire for this particular reason.  Again, customer impression is all that matters. 

When it finally did get to us, J ordered a six inch veggie on wheat.  The guy working took care of her, wrapped up her sandwich and came back to me.  I got a foot long spicy Italian on Italian Herbs and Cheese.  I saw a sign hanging that had Michael Phelp’s favorite sandwich that included jalapenos and banana peppers.  I always get the banana peppers, but the jalapenos were something I’ve never thought of .  I got the two peppers, lettuce, and oil on my sandwich.  Delicious.

We made both sandwiches a meal.  I got the BBQ chips I usually get, but J got a Baked Lays Southwestern Ranch which turned out to be really delicoius.  The total bill was just under $13.  Other than the incredibly long wait, the meal was what we expected.




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6 07 2009
Kip Ferguson

I have been to that Subway several times and it sounds like you hit it at a bad time. They are usually pretty good at moving people along and getting them on their way. Thgis is definately a lesson in customer service, you can’t have a bad day because you don’t know hwo will be in there that day.

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