Quality Dairy – Charlotte

27 03 2009
  • 686 Lansing Street
  • Charlotte, MI 48813
  • (517) 541-0738
  • Website
Quality Dairy on Lansing Street in Charlotte

Quality Dairy on Lansing Street in Charlotte

I told you I was working on getting to every Quality Dairy store.  Actually, this time it was kind of necessity.  I had to work in downtown Lansing at 6:00.  As soon as I got done, I was hitting the road to work in Champaign, IL again this weekend.  I had to make the four hour drive to my parents house that night.  Work took a lot longer than I had anticipated and I ended up leaving at 9:00.  By the time I left, I had to pee.  I hadn’t eaten since lunch and I was really thirsty.  As I got on I-496, I thought to myself, “Self!  Where I can I accomplish all three tasks in one stop?’  The answer was easy.  Quality Dairy.

The Quality Dairy in Charlotte sits right off I-69.  I see it everytime we pass through Charlotte on our way home.  It’s a large store with gas pumps and a laundromat as well as the typical Quality Dairy staples.

Quality Dairy just off I-69 in Charlotte

Quality Dairy just off I-69 in Charlotte

I found the restrooms back by the laundromat.  After that, I made my way towards the fountain pop machine and got myself a 44 oz. Pepsi for the ride…if you’re curious (and I know you are 😉 ) I had to make a second pit stop in Sawyer after that  massive drink.  My final task was finding food.  I didn’t really want chips or candy bars and it was too late at night for doughnuts.  As I was walking by one of the coolers, I noticed some cold meat sandwiches.

I stop to take a look.  I’ve eaten gas station sandwiches before.  In fact, I used to do it all the time when I worked in Peoria.  Some nights, it was the only way I would get a dinner break.  Fortunately, these aren’t the typical gas station sandwiches.  They at least look like they’re made fresh then wrapped in plastic wrap.  There were several options, but I ended up grabbing the turkey and Swiss on wheat.

There was more bun than anything in the sandwich.  There was maybe two slices of turkey and some sprinkle cheese sandwiched in there.  I probably would have been better grabbing the massive meat sandwich that was a buck and a quarter more, but  I was happy with my bread for $2.25 or so.  It wasn’t the best meal I could have had.  There was a McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Rally’s all at that exit, but I’d still rather give my money to a local company, so QD won out.




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28 03 2009

The Quality Dairy in Charlotte is the niciest one that I have been to, but I live in Southwest Michigan & only had visited about 4 of them, when I have been in the Lansing Area. Please keep your reviews of them going.

28 03 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

I agree. It’s definitely one of the nicer ones.

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