Where to Get Fried Chicken?

5 03 2009

Interesting problem tonight.  J e-mailed from work saying she was craving fried chicken.  I like it when she craves chicken because I always crave chicken.  Problem is, we really don’t know where to go.  I almost always go to Popeye’s when I want chicken.  We ended up going to KFC because J saw a commercial for something she wanted to try.  Is there anyone in Lansing that does fried chicken really well?




3 responses

5 03 2009

Goood Chicken on the corner of Pine & Saginaw is really good. It’s in the gas station right across the street from Sawyer’s Pancake House.

6 03 2009

Try the Fish Market”You Buy, We Fry” on MLK acroos from Arby’s. they have the best Fried Chicken and fried fish. Do not go to the one on Edgemont Blvd it is not as good.

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