Quality Dairy – E. Jolly Rd.

21 02 2009
  • 2625 E. Jolly Road
  • Lansing, MI 48910
  • (517) 272-1628
  • Website

This coming Tuesday is Fat Tuesday….and everyone knows what that means!  Paczki’s!  Alright, I’ll admit it.  Up until about a year ago, I had never heard of a paczki.  J grew up on the south side of Chicago which has a fairly large Polish population, so the Fat Tuesday treat was something she grew up with.  Last year on the Monday before Lent, J and I took my mom to Chicago and while we were eating lunch downtown, J started talking about paczki’s.  My mom likes sweets so we found a Polish bakery on the north side of town and brought home a dozen.  This past weekend, I was at a mega mart with my mom and grandma when I saw a box of paczki’s….of course, we had to buy them.

In the last couple days, we had seen commercials for Quality Dairy and L & L Food Centers advertising that they both had the pastry in their stores.  After eating lunch and a quick shopping trip, we needed dessert, so it was off to the Quality Dairy.

We chose the Quality Dairy on East Jolly Road at Dunkel Road because it was on the way home.  This location is bigger than the other QD’s we’ve been to.  Not only does it have all of the great Quality Dairy baked goods, but it also has a gas station and a laundromat.  How great of an idea is that.  You can throw a load of laundry in then go next door and get a doughnut.  I’m usually happy if the laundromat has a pop machine so I can get a Pepsi while my clothes are washing.

A half dozen...minus two...paczkis from Quality Dairy

A half dozen...minus two...paczki's from Quality Dairy

Anyway, we didn’t stop to do laundry.  We stopped for Bismarks…err…paczki’s.  There were signs in every window advertising the treats.  We made our way to the bakery case where they had a number of different flavors.  I’m kind of a boring guy and grabbed two cream filled paczki’s.  J likes the fruit filled ones and grabbed a couple of those and a couple of chocolate.  Overall, Quality Dairy is advertising that they have 11 gourmet flavors. 

We filled a box with a half dozen paczki’s then made our way to pay.  The six paczki’s cost us a little under $5 and we’ll have treats for at least a couple days.   It didn’t take long to dig in.  As soon as we got home, we broke open the box and each had one.  It was delicious.  If I only I could get one of these the rest of the year…maybe if they were called something different…….with just a few variations in the dough….




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21 02 2009

I never had them until I moved to Michigan either…In PA, they were known as Fastnachts…I thought QD had good Paczki’s until Amy started bring the REAL stuff home from Detroit…I can’t wait until Tuesday….Today we were at the New Palace Bakery Polish bakery in Hamtranck today and they make them all year-round…

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