Quality Dairy – Michigan Ave, East Lansing

9 02 2009
  • 808 Michigan Avenue
  • East Lansing, MI 48823
  • (517) 319-4121
  • Website
The Quality Dairy on Michigan and Harrison in East Lansing.

The Quality Dairy on Michigan and Harrison in East Lansing.

I’m having a hard time driving past a QD nowadays.  I left McDonald’s with two sandwiches and nothing to drink.  I knew I could go back the way I came and find a Quality Dairy and get whatever I wanted to drink.
This Quality Dairy is on the corner of Harrison and Michigan Avenue in East Lansing near the Michigan State University athletic facilities.  Getting in to the parking lot is a little weird.  If you’re on Michigan Avenue, you turn into the lot on what looks like a sidewalk.  It’s so close to the corner, you wouldn’t think there would be a driveway there. 
This QD is really no different from any of the other ones in town.  The building is a little smaller than some and the inside is a little cramped, but you still get all the doughnuts, coffee, and ice cream. 

I was in the market for a pop.  My craving was for a Pepsi, but I took a quick glance at the fountain pop machine to see if they had the good stuff.  They didn’t.  They had Coke on the fountain, but, to my surprise, they had Coke Zero.   I knew I was going to burn some calories working at Jenison, but instead of just burning off what I was eating today, I thought maybe it would be good to burn some I already had stored up, so I grabbed a plastic cup and filled it up with the Coke Zero.

The 32 oz pop was $1.05 which is cheaper than Speedway which is where I usually buy my pop and the Speedway I go to doesn’t have Coke Zero yet.  The sad thing is, I only drank about half.  I like Coke Zero out of a can or a bottle, but, wow, does it taste different out of the fountain.  I know all pop does, but this was really off from the taste I’m used to.  I usually prefer a foutain Pepsi over a bottle of Pepsi, but in this case, I should have just grabbed a bottle.




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12 07 2009

Is this review about Quality Dairy or a comparison of Pepsi vs. Coke Zero from a fountain? It’s not Quality Dairy’s fault that your personal preferences resulted in your dissapointment. While Quality Dairy’s locations aren’t exactly the most convenient for parking, they have one of a kind Customer Service.

12 07 2009
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