Gallagher’s Farm Market & Bakery

20 09 2008
  • 7237 E. Traverse Hwy
  • Traverse City, MI 49684
  • (231) 947-1689
  • Website
Gallaghers Farm Market near Traverse City

Gallagher's Farm Market near Traverse City

When we moved to Michigan, J’s mom was insistent that when we started seeing Honey crisp apples on the shelves we needed to buy them.  We saw some the other day at the Select Michigan Farmer’s Market, but didn’t buy because we were going to be gone for the weekend.  I figured Traverse City would hae a plethora of farm markets and the one I ended up finding was Gallagher’s.

Gallagher’s is a little drive from downtown Traverse City.  It’s out in the country a few miles down Traverse Highway.  With our GPS, we had no trouble finding the place.  Gallagher’s is what you expect from a farm market.  It’s small, but has a lot to offer.  When we pulled in, there were quite a few cars in the small parking lot.  I squeezed into a spot then got out and started looking around.  There was was a whole table of different apples including the coveted honey crisps.  J picked up 1/2 peck and we continued to browse.  Being so far from home, it was hard not to buy anything, but again, I didn’t have any recipes in mind and I don’t like to buy then try to figure out what to do with it.  I’d rather work the other way which can be frustrating when I can’t find something, but it’s how I roll. 

We went inside to pay, but got sidetracked inside by the bakery.  Being in Traverse City, you expect them to have a lot of cherry products and they did.  We looked around, but didn’t find anything we couldn’t live without.  In the back, there was also a section of Traverse City merchandise.  Again, we’re not really the kind of people that are going to wear a t-shirt with “Traverse City” on it.  Hell, I don’t even like wearing shirts with designer names on it.  We walked back into the front of the store again and again, got sidetracked.

Gallaghers Farm Market

Gallagher's Farm Market

I noticed this really cool freezer built into the wall.  They were selling Dean’s milk out of it, but what made it cool was how it was made.  It had the old fashioned refrigerator doors, but the door’s were glass so you could see in.  It wasn’t really anything special, but I thought it looked cool and it was a nice touch.  Near the cash register, they had their bakery items.  Lots of baked goods and even ice cream.  We finally made it to the cash register to pay for the apples.

Gallagher’s is a good alternative to a farmer’s market.  They’re open every day June through October and all of their produce looked to be Michigan grown.  They also had a corn maze on their property and they let the kids go back and see the animals.  We took a little jaunt back to the barn to see what it was all about.  It wasn’t much of anything, but something kids who never get to see pigs and chickens would like.  Another excellent option for local shoppers.




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