Delhi Cafe

8 09 2008
  • 4625 Willoughby Rd.
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 694-8655
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
The Delhi Cafe on Willoughby Road in Holt.

The Delhi Cafe on Willoughby Road in Holt.

Finally!  Back in Michigan.  I got home late last night and slept in to almost lunch time.  My girlfriend needed to run to the dry cleaner to drop off my suit and she waited for me to get up so we could grab something for lunch.  She suggested hitting a drive thru, but I was tired of fast food.  I suggested we check out that cafe we saw on Willoughby Road while driving home from East Lansing one night.

The Delhi Cafe is part of a strip mall about half a mile of Cedar Street in Holt.  There’s not much else there, but the Cafe takes up a good chunk of the space.  The sign out front claims the cafe has some Greek influence.  We didn’t notice that on the way in, but after looking at the menu, it makes sense.  It’s not a Greek menu, but there is definitely some Greek inspiration.

We were shown to a table by a hostess who left us with menus.  A lady came over with water and said our waitress would be with us in a minute.  By the time J got her pop, we were ready.  I thought I was being good and not ordering a hamburger.  I hate this whole Weight Watchers thing.  Things I think should be better for me are worse.  I should have just got the burger, but instead, I ordered the Triple Decker.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  The sandwich was good, but I’m not really a club sandwich kind of guy.  I prefer cooked meat.  The triple decker is a BLT with turkey.  It’s then cut into squares and put on toothpicks.  I peeled the tomatoes off and just ate what was left.  It was good, but there was a little too much mayo on there for my liking.  The sandwich came with choice of fries or fresh fruit.  I chose fries knowing it was going to cost me, but I was hungry.  They were out of the bag fries, but done nice and crispy.

J got the BLT.  She ate a few of the tomatoes, but they were cut too thick and dominated the sandwich so she took them off.  She also doesn’t like when the mayo and tomato are put on the same side of the sandwich.  Other than that, she liked her sandwich as well.  She also got fries and they were done just the way she likes them. 

Our bill was just over $14 and we weren’t there more than 20 minutes.  It was a really quick lunch and pretty tasty one as well.  The breakfast menu looks fabulous.  We’re not really breakfast people, but it’s nice to know there’s a place right down the street.  The Delhi Cafe is the classic neighborhood family restaurant.  There’s not a whole lot of unique things outside of a few greek dishes, but it’s a cozy, friendly atmosphere where many people were sipping coffee and enjoying each other’s company.




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