Mac’s Fudge

1 09 2008
  • 570 S. Main St.
  • Frankenmuth, MI 48734
  • (989) 652-6555
  • No Known Website
  • No Menu On-line
Macs Fudge on Main Street in downtown Frankenmuth

Mac's Fudge on Main Street in downtown Frankenmuth

The streets of downtown Frankenmuth are lined with candy shops.  For no particular reason, the one we actually chose to step into was  or Mac’s Fudge.  Mac’s is a pretty small shop connected to the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill’s.  There was a billboard out front that promised nuts and my dad likes cashew’s so I think maybe that’s why we picked it.  Problem is, once we got inside, we totally forgot about the nuts.

Like most of the places in Frankenmuth, there’s an area where you can watch candy makers make fudge.  While we were there, no one was making fresh fudge as there was only one person even working.  She was helping another couple choose from their huge variety of favors.  

A little wooden chef advertising for Macs Fudge

A little wooden chef advertising for Mac's Fudge

There was one flavor that caught my attention right away.  It was a white fudge and oreo’s mixed in.  Cookies ‘n Creme fudge.  I was drawn to the case and my mom and girlfriend quickly followed.  After remarking how good that looks, my mom and J kept looking at the other flavors.  There was traditional fudge, fudge with all kinds of nuts, and different unique flavors.  I found it dangerous to my waistline to stay in there, so I walked out.

My mom stuck around and came out a few minutes later with something wrapped in a little piece of wax paper.  It was the Cookies ‘n Creme fudge.  She brought a little knife outside with her so we could break it off.  It was as good as it looked and quite possibly the best fudge I’ve ever had.  I didn’t think it was possible to make anything that tasted this good, but using white chocolate in the fudge was delicious.  I’ll have to remember that next time I make fudge at home.




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13 12 2009

OK…I got the German roasted Cashews….I am telling you there is nothing that I have had (nut wise) to top them! I ate the whole 8oz bag by my self!

Amazing good. I wish I could order them on line. I don’t see a web site for them.

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