30 08 2008
  • 4100 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
  • Lansing, MI 48910
  • (517) 887-2500
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Munchies on MLK in Lansing.  Serving up the Cheapest Wings in Town....Period!

Munchies on MLK in Lansing. Serving up the "Cheapest Wings in Town....Period!"

A few weeks ago I had to run to the Walgreens on MLK instead of the one I usually go to on Cedar.  As I’m driving down MLK, a small restaurant with a big banner out front catches my eye.  A lot of times, you’ll see stuff like “Best Wings in Town” or something similar boasting about the taste.  Not this banner.  It read “Cheapest Wings in Town.”  There’s something to be proud of….I guess.  When I got home, I told J about it.  She looked at me a little funny and said I was on my own for that one.  If all they can advertise is the cheapest wings in town, she wanted no part of it.

J had to work in Kalamazoo today so I waited until she left to get a late lunch.  I pulled into the parking lot and parked up front.  There was only one other guy there and he was leaving.  I went inside looking for a menu and didn’t see anything about wings.  When I got to the register, I noticed a piece of paper taped to the counter.  That’s where the wing prices were.  There were serveral options, but I went with six wings and wedges.  They weren’t kidding.  These probably ARE the cheapest wings in town.  The whole deal cost me about $4.50. 

Munchies in Lansing and the banner that caught my attention.

Munchies in Lansing and the banner that caught my attention.

The lady working behind the counter acted like I was interrupting her nap or something.  She sounded real annoyed with me when asking if I wanted spicy or mild.  I thought that was weird.  A wing place with only two sauces.  It probably would have been weird if these were buffalo wings.  They weren’t.  They were regular chicken wings just like you’d get in a bucket of fried chicken.  I went with spicy.  She packed up a to go container really quick with chicken and potato wedges that had probably been sitting under a heat lamp for a while.  Even with the cashier’s attitude, I was in the store a grand total of five minutes.

My meal from Munchies.  Six wings and wedges for under $5

My meal from Munchies. Six wings and wedges for under $5

I got the wings home and opened up the Styrofoam to see what I was in for.  The wings were about the size or maybe a tad bigger than buffalo wings.  I picked one up and bit in and it was actually a little surprising.  The chicken tasted really similar to Popeyes chicken which I love and also just found out that they have a shop just down the road.  The chicken had a pretty good kick to it and even though it had been sitting for a while, was still pretty warm and actually quite tasty.  The potato wedges definitely suffered from being under the heat lamp.  They were cold….really cold.  As long as they’re cooked all the way through and warm, potato wedges are hard to screw up.  I’m sure they would have been fine had they been fresher. 

The least I can say about Munchies lives up to their own hype.  They have the cheapest wings in town.  It wasn’t quite what I was expecting and the experience left a lot to be desired, but the chicken was surprisingly good.  I would almost be tempted to get a bucket from there instead of driving down the road to Popeyes and probably paying double the price.  I’m sure they’re biscuits don’t stack up to Popeyes, but maybe I’ll buy chicken at Munchies then go down the road for the bread.




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