Maggie Moos Ice Cream and Treatery

18 08 2008
  • 1077 N. Wisner St.
  • Jackson, MI 49202
  • (517) 990-0579
  • Website
  • Menu
Maggie Moos Ice Cream and Treatery in Jackson

Maggie Moos Ice Cream and Treatery in Jackson

Funny story.  J and I are sitting in the press conference room at MIS waiting for Carl Edwards to come in.  By this point it had been almost six hours since we last ate.  She turned around and said she wanted a big meal, then ice cream.  I said we should go to Buffalo Barbeque Wings (review HERE) in Jackson for dinner then maybe we could search for an ice cream shop with her GPS.  We pull into the strip mall where Buffalo Barbeque Wings is located and two doors down is a Maggie Moos.  Ain’t that luck?

After dinner, she made a bee-line for the ice cream shop.  We were a little worried that wouldn’t be open at 8:00 on a Sunday night, but they actually stay open pretty late.  We made out way into the store where a few other groups had the same idea we did.  Today was must have been the day of imitators.  J was watching one of the guys make someone else’s ice cream when she turned to me and said, “this is just like Cold Stone.”  It is just like Cold Stone.  You pick your flavor and your mixins and they make it right in front of you the same way as we’re used to getting at the larger chain. 

Like most ice cream trips, J gets a little more adventerous than I do.  She got some kind of s’mores treat.  I don’t remember exactly what kind of ice cream they used (I’m guessing chocolate, but I could be wrong), but they mix in marshmallows and teddy grams.  She said it tasted just like a s’more.  Since we just ate dinner, she just got a one scoop cup.  She loved it. 

I was totally confused by what was going on and didn’t understand how to order.  I noticed on the board there were shakes, so I got a cookies and cream shake.  Like J, I was pretty full so I just ordered a small.  The girl working asked me twice if I orderd a regular or a large then laughed at herself both times when I said small.  It turned out to be a really good shake with vanilla ice cream and oreo (or oreo-like) cookies mixed it.  It was thin enough to suck through the straw which helped since I was driving. 

Maggie Moo’s is a pretty neat ice cream place.  They make their ice cream on site and there’s a plexiglass window in the dining room so you can see how they make their treats.  As of 2005, there were just under 400 stores.  Their goal is to reach 1,000 by 2010.  Neither of us had eaten at a Maggie Moos and until just recently, neither of us had heard of it.  The only reason I knew it was a chain was because I saw a profile on Food Network’s Unwrapped just a few nights ago.  The ice cream really hit the spot after a long hot day.  Like Cold Stone, it’s a little pricey.  Our two small treats cost over $7.  J was really impressed with her creation and would definately go back.  Me?  Ice cream is ice cream.




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