Bell’s Greek Pizza

3 08 2008
  • 1135 E. Grand River Ave.
  • East Lansing, MI 48823
  • (517) 332-0858
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Bells Greek Pizza on E. Grand River near the campus of Michigan State

Bell's Greek Pizza on E. Grand River near the campus of Michigan State

Bell’s Greek Pizza is what I missed by going to a small private school instead of a state school.  When it got late, the only thing we had was vending machines.  There was no late night pizza place.  Whenever I visited friends at the University of Illinois or Southern Illinois University, I made sure to push for pizza at 3 am after the bars closed. 

I went looking for this place a while ago when my dad and a friend were in town, but I didn’t go far enough down Grand River to find it.  My girlfriend came home from work one Friday night and said she was hungry.  I suggested pizza so we drove across town to campus just for pizza.  I had a few people suggest Bell’s on this blog before so I was kind of looking forward to it.

Bell’s is a traditional “pizza-by-the-slice” pizza joint, but they have a lot more than pizza.  We were the only people in the joint at 12:30, but it was summer and school wasn’t in session yet.  We made our way to the case of pizzas and found a pretty good variety.  I’m not adventerous and just wanted a slice of pepperoni.  Originally, my girlfriend ordered a slice of BBQ chicken, but changed her mind and just went with cheese.  I didn’t feel like driving and trying to eat a slice, so we grabbed a table and a couple pops and just ate there.

Bells Greek Pizza near Michigan State University on E. Grand River Ave.

Bell's Greek Pizza near Michigan State University on E. Grand River Ave.

I added some red pepper flakes and parmesean cheese to my pepperoni slice which is pretty standard for me.  The crust was very, very soft.  There was no bite at all to it.  I’m pretty sure the pizza had been in the case for quite a while.  It wasn’t really hot and the flavor was gone.  Some guys that came in as we were leaving kept trying to get the clerk to tell them when the pizza was made and he kept avoiding the question.  It tasted like it had been there for a while. 

My girlfriend didn’t really say anything about her slice other than she wanted to go to Insomnia Cookies next because she was still hungry.  I could have went for another slice, but didn’t really want to.  Had the pizza been better, I probaby would have went back and got another one.

Our two slices and two pops were a little over $5.  It probably would have been a good meal had we been drunk, but we weren’t and just wanted a little sustenance.  Didn’t reall get that from Greek’s after midnight.  Pizza probably would have been ok had it been fresher, but it just wasn’t on this visit.  I’m sure I’ll be back.  Pizza is still my favorite late night snack.  Maybe once the students get back, there will be more rotation with fresher pies.




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3 08 2008

If you’ve gone that far, Giorgio’s across the street is SO much better. The slices are huge, and they do toppings like Nacho, Lasagna, and Mac and Cheese (I kid you not). There are a couple of locations, but it’s worth the drive no matter which one you go to.

4 08 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I’d heard Bell’s was good, so we tried that one first. Next time the craving hits, we’ll try Giorgio’s

4 08 2008

Yeah, Bell’s isn’t supposed to be great pizza… just quick, cheap pizza that you can eat at any time of the day. John’s right…Georgios is good.

12 08 2008

Yeah, I’m a bigger fan of Georgio’s, my boyfriend prefers Bell’s. Also, there’s another Bell’s on MAC Avenue more downtown in EL. That’s the one where more drunk kids go…so you also have a better chance of getting fresher pies! 🙂

24 11 2012

I absolutely LOVE Bells! Their Italian Grinder is the absolute best you will ever eat. Pizza is best if you get it fresh for sure.. It is different from “regular” pizza (being greek-style), and my fave is cheese and onion there (simply delicious), whereas I will usually opt for pepperoni etc., at traditional pizza joints.

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